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A Finished Scrappy Blanket | Chevron Granny Square Stripe

A Finished Scrappy Blanket | Chevron Granny Square Stripe

zig zag chevron crochet crocheted afghan blanket.jpg

I recently finished crocheting an afghan that I’m afraid I’ll have to keep.

bright crochet zig zag bold afghan free pattern.jpg

I love the finished project but I’m afraid the colors came out too unique for anyone but me.

The design is my own and I’ll do my best to explain it.

granny square treble crochet zig zag chevron funky vintage.jpg

I started with granny squares that I laid corner to corner. From there I worked in rows back and forth. I have seen granny stripe chevron blankets done before (like in this video from Very Pink Knits or this pattern on Ravelry) but I disliked the big holes in the down points. I countered this by connecting the corners of the granny squares with a back post treble crochet and using a back post treble crochet on the front of every row and a front post treble on the back.

granny square afghan zig zag chevron front post back post.jpg

I intended to have granny squares on either end of the blanket but as I got going I realized that would call for some funky math in on the edges. Instead, when the row portion equalled 2/3 of the width measurement, I tied off and started rows on the other side of the granny squares. I finished when the blanket was square.

granny square afghan zig zag chevron front post back post.jpg

I added a simple border. My background in quilting influences me to prefer a “binding” to frame the finished blanket. For this I single crocheted in one space and 2 double crochet, chain 3, sc, in the next space.

This ended up much larger than I expected at 45 x 49.” I like baby blankets to be lightweight and less than 40″ so they can be dragged around and loved. This is a strange size that feels like a home decor commitment. And the colors are FUNKY so I am self-conscious to share it with someone else.

I have downsized to a “H” hook instead of the “I” that I always use because I like the denser product. I am also trying to downsize my yarn collection so this tighter gauge uses more. This used up about 1,830 yards of my thrifted scrap stash.

What do you think? Does this blanket fall into the so-ugly-it’s-awesome-again trend or is it just plain LOUD? (My poor photography skills are doing no favors.)

14 thoughts on “A Finished Scrappy Blanket | Chevron Granny Square Stripe”

  • I absolutely love it! The row of squares adds so much interest. Thanks for the description of how you filled the holes, and the links to similar patterns.

  • I really, really like it! I think that it’s cool, modern, funky, hip with just enough visual interest to keep your eye moving around. I bet you really want to keep this and are trying to tell yourself it’s not worthy to be shared . 😉

  • Awesome definitely for sure! The row of squares really makes it something special. The colors are funky but that just makes it more fun.

  • It’s a spectacular design – be proud of your creativity! I rarely post anywhere but I couldn’t wait to comment on your blanket. It is really beautiful. Be proud of yourself!

  • I love it! It reminds me of an afgan made by my Daddy’s Aunt Ruth. It was bright and colorful and we always argued about whose turn it was to wrap up in when we got to watch tv on Friday nights!

  • Love it! I crochet afghans for a charity that sends them to 3rd world countries – and an afghan like this would be snapped up first! The conditions are pretty bleak in some of these countries, so when a rep from the charity shows up with afghans, the MEN from the village show up to grab the brightest ones first!

    • Thanks, Jannette! I worry about granny square designs for charity because I want them to be warm. I like that where you donate allows people to pick their own. Where do you like to send your blankets?

  • I love it! I think you should keep it but not because the colors are too much to give to anyone but because they represent you and what you like! Good job! Have you considered publishing the pattern on Ravelry?

    • Thanks, Rebecca! I don’t think I’ll put the pattern on Ravelry because it is to similar to others that I have seen. I hope people would be able to figure it out from the notes I’ve left here.

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