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FO Friday: Baby Plaid Trapper Hat in Teal

whistle ivy crochet plaid baby trapper hat free pattern crochet

I just love Whistle and Ivy’s new Baby Plaid Trapper Hat! I made it the day the pattern was published because I knew it was perfect to go with the camping and outdoors themed clothing I had purchased for my nephew’s Christmas gift.

Pattern: Baby Plaid Trapper Hat from Whistle and Ivy

Needles: Size “I” (5.5 mm) crochet hook (Would I use anything but?!)

Yarn: The blue is scrap acrylic. The body of the hat uses my two favorite neutrals: I Love This Yarn Worsted in Linen and Graphite.

Notes: What a fun and quick hat to make! At least it is potentially quick… I waited a month between crocheting and sewing on the buttons and pom-pom.

Speaking of buttons, they are from a thrifted sweater. The sweater was hand knit from a DK self-striping yarn but was not in a fit or style I would wear. But the buttons were great and I’ll use the yarn for hats.

I skipped the ties on the advice of my friend Megan who said they would get in the way and be annoying. And I opted for a yarn instead of fur pom pom because my sister doesn’t love laundry.

Whistle and Ivy is such a great source for awesome free patterns! I loved the recent influx of plaid. It’s such a popular design right now.

Isn’t it crazy to look back and see how much Carver has grown between his Thanksgiving pumpkin hat and Christmas plaid hat?!

carver baby plaid trapper hat buttons free pattern crochet

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