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Blackberry Salad Blanket Update

Blackberry Salad Blanket Update

This week I had some time to knock out a few rows on my Blackberry Salad blanket.

blackberry salad pink brown

As I worked the squares for my Crochet by Red Agape Casual CAL (here’s Block 3 update) I really loved the colors and didn’t want to put them away, so I started another Blackberry Salad blanket. It’s from a great free pattern at Moogly Blog. As always, it’s in scrappy acrylic and a size “I” hook.

I really wish I was a better blogger during my charity marathon. You can search Instagram for my tag #kaylascharmar. Here’s one of the stories I would have told.

I made my first Blackberry Salad last year while I was working on my charity marathon. I was collecting afghans to send to Welcome Blanket and was really sad to part with it, especially with expecting a baby niece in the winter time. Usually I have no trouble giving things away, but this one really tugged at me.

blackberry salad macro blanket afghan

Nevertheless, I packaged my five blankets and sent them to Chicago for the project. I distinctly remember packing them, feeling a little sad at seeing them go, but sending them anyway. My spreadsheet says I sent five blankets.

Imagine my surprise, soon before little Lucy was born, when I found my Blackberry Salad in the basement. I swear I sent it. I have no idea how it got left behind.

baby lucy and me blackberry salad

The fun part is, we never *technically* knew she was a girl. I just felt all along that I was making the blanket for her!

I know of another baby girl in utero, although *technically* no one knows that yet. I’m just going to leave that little nugget here in this time-stamped blog post so when she’s born I can say I knew I was making it for her all along.

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