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Citrus Slice Granny Square Block | Free Crochet Pattern

Citrus Slice Granny Square Block | Free Crochet Pattern

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I’ve had this idea for a granny square block for awhile and this weekend I found enough free time to work it out. The original design had 16 segments and was much more white than citrus. Looked mighty pithy. I performed some scientific research that included eating clementines and counting the segments. I think eight looks much better, as the bright colors get to shine through.

Of course, the video tutorial I recorded was the 16-segment version so I will have to wait for another day that I’m home in daylight hours to record a new one. In the meantime, I hope my written instructions are helpful. You’ll do fine if you pay special attention to whether or not to work through front, back, or both loops. Also, the second round of citrus color is worked over the ch-2 space. It’s not too tricky if you try to keep everything even and lined up.

I plan on making a whole pile of the citrus segments with all of my pink, green, yellow, and orange scraps. My very favorite yarn, I Love This Yarn Worsted in Key Lime, Mango, and Tropical Pink will star in leading roles. The pith will be Lion Brand Pound of Love in Antique White. I will use light blue scraps on half of the blocks and Lion Brand Pound of Love in Denim for the other half. The final layout will alternate denim blue with light blue backgrounds. I have no plans for the finished size, although most of my blankets end up the length of my coffee table, aka 40” baby blankets.

Thrifted acrylic is my favorite, but I really like the quality and value of Lion Brand Pound of Love and Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn. The bigger size means the 40% off one item coupons go a lot further. I use those yarns as the main colors in my blankets.

As always, I’m using my favorite “I” hook and scrappy worsted acrylic. That gives me a square about 5 3/4”.

With white, make a magic loop. Chain 1 and work 8 sc into the loop. Join with slip stitch in front loop only of first sc.

Round 1: Ch 5. *Tr in next sc, ch 2* around. Join with slip stitch to third chain of beginning ch-5. Ch 4 and remove hook from white yarn. This makes 8 trebles and 8 ch-2 spaces.

Round 2: With citrus color, beginning in any space, work 2 dc in back loop of each sc around. To make joining slip stitch, work sl st over ch-2 space from round below and in the top of first dc at once. (16 dc)

Round 3: Ch 3. Dc in same st and over ch-2 space below. 2 dc in each st around, covering the ch-2 space as well. Tie off color and weave in ends. (32 dc)

Round 4: Pick up white yarn. Sc in next 4 st. *Fptr around tr in Round 1, sc 4* around. Join with sl st to top of beginning ch-4. Tie off white and weave in ends. (32 dc and 8 fptr)

Round 5: Working with blue and in back loop only, *sc 1, hdc 2, dc 2; work 2 tr, ch 1, 2, tr in next st; 2 dc, 2 hdc* around. Join with sl st to first sc. Ch 3.

Round 6: Dc in each dc and in ch-1 corners work 2 dc, ch 1, 2 dc. Join with sl st to top of beginning ch-3. Tie off and weave in ends.

Do take the time to weave in ends as you go- You will thank me later!

I’m pretty terrible at social media, but if I get around to sharing this I will use the hashtag #citrusslicegrannysquare. Please use it too- I love seeing how people interpret my patterns.

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