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Crochet Chevron Hats with Pom Poms

baby boy crochet hat purple green pom pom

These chevron hats have languished in my bag all summer until I finally got around to weaving in the ends and adding a pom-pom. Click for Babies, the organization these hats are for, has been sharing their knit-ins on Facebook to remind me to get it in gear! Our Iowa chapter has the goal of sharing 4,000 hats with parents to educate them about the PURPLE period of crying and to end Shaken Baby Syndrome.

On a visit with my Mom this spring I got to play with her pom pom maker and help make adorable little bunnies. (She wrote a blog post about it here.) I have always went with the ol’ wrap-yarn-around cardboard option and was blown away by how simply the pom-pom maker turned out perfect pom-poms. Just recently Joann’s had 50% off yarn notions so I finally make the investment.

I love the little pop of color a pom pom gives these otherwise basic hats. It also helps my mileage go along quicker! 😉

These hats are from my free Quick and Simple Chevron Hats pattern. Click for Babies asks for hats to be 50% purple, and for 50% of hats to be male or unisex. I alternated the purple with variegated black and white for two of the hats and my favorite key lime yarn for the others for a masculine look.

These four hats contributed 286 yards of yarn to my charity marathon. I’m almost to 14 miles!

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