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Crochet Variegated Purple Baby Hats with Scalloped Edge and Bow

purple african violet variegated baby hat bow

I just finished up these sweet little baby hats. They are made from donated acrylic variegated purple yarn. I almost ran out in the second hat so I started to alternate between the variegated yarn and some plain white.

I made a basic double crochet hat following one of the many free hat patterns available from Repeat Crafter Me. To add some interest to the hat I did a simple scallop. Just skip one stitch, five double crochets in the next, skip a stitch, single crochet in the next, around the edge of the hat.

For the bow applique I followed this tutorial from Daisy Cottage Designs. As Lauren says, “This crochet bow tie pattern is so easy, it’s almost embarrassing to post.” I’m glad she did anyway! This is a super quick way to embellish plain hats. I used a “K” hook and doubled yarn to make the bow a bit bigger. I will be referring back to this pattern again and again.

These hats used 120 yards of yarn to bring my charity marathon total to an even 14 miles. That means I’ve crafted 24,632 yards of yarn and am 53% of the way finished towards my goal of knitting and crocheting a marathon of yarn into items to give to charity.

These hats are destined for Click for Babies. Click for Babies is an organization that seeks to end Shaken Baby Syndrome through parent education. Parents who complete a curriculum are given a purple hat to remind them of the PURPLE period of crying. Learn more or find a local chapter here.

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