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Drunk Compost and Other Garden Updates

Drunk Compost and Other Garden Updates

For someone who has no garden tilled, I sure kept myself busy this weekend in said garden.

We have a creeping charlie problem along the west side of my garden and I’m not tilling until it’s dead and gone. I remember weeding that crap out of strawberries until I had blisters and my parents gave up anyway and tilled it all.

If I had my way my whole lawn would be creeping charlie, dandelions, violets, and clover, because grass is utterly useless. The trouble is unlike the others, the creeping charlie just won’t stay in its place and wants to take over the garden too. I have to spray for the charlie, but I’ll kill all the other pollinator-friendly plants in the process. I’m really bummed.

Another option is raised beds, and it’s a good one, as I have pretty crappy clay soil. Affording to fill them is a problem as I can’t make compost fast enough and we are 45 minutes from anywhere that could deliver it in bulk.

I’ve seriously considered planting the whole lot to buckwheat for a green manure, lasagna gardening over the winter, and just trying again next year.

A pile of manure is not an option for my town living.

Please advise.

Anyhow, I did get all of my other beds weeded. I have fruit bushes along the garage and west side of the house. I divided up a purple coneflower and filled that in where my salvia didn’t make it through the winter.

I repotted some African violets and potted some nasturtiums. Paper pots for nasturtiums because they hate being transplanted. Mowgli marigolds got planted in egg cartons for easy transplant.

My sweet potato has a sweet new ‘do.

sweet potato slips

I shared before how I grow my own sweet potato slips. My other two were less organic than I originally thought and this guy is the only one still around, but he’s doing very well.

Asparagus is in season!

asparagus eggs

It’s year three for my asparagus patch so this year I can pick however much I want. I’ve been enjoying it for breakfast with eggs from my custodian’s farm.

About that drunken compost.

I enjoyed a bit of a cocktail in my garden Sunday morning. I mixed one can flat beer, one can of Coke, and one “can” of ammonia in a 5-gallon bucket. After a day or so stewing in the garage, I filled the bucket with water and transferred it to my watering can and poured it all over my compost. The yeast from the beer and sugars from the Coke are supposed to make my compost work more quickly. There are more detailed tutorials all over Youtube.

An alternate method is to drink the beer, drink the coke, and pee on the compost for the ammonia. This method doesn’t work so well for me. See above: “Town living.”

I hope your gardens are going and growing well. Please do comment with updates! I’m to another year where I missed a pea crop and my hot crops won’t be in by Mother’s day. Weekend plans include building our chicken coop, though, so it’s been fun to search for plans and I’ve been dreaming of all the bugs the hens will eat and all the ground they’ll turn under.

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  • I haven’t heard of your compost starter but it s worth a try! Good luck on your Creeping Charlie. We have it too and it’s a problem!

  • Lord girl! You are funny! I love the turn of your phrases phrases and even give alternate ways to make drunk compost. I’m still guffawing!

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