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Finished Knit Log Cabin Baby Blanket

Finished Knit Log Cabin Baby Blanket

baby log cabin knit blanket afghan lovey handles

Life has hit my family hard in the last month. It is good to have happy occasions to look forward to, like my nephew being born soon. I’m celebrating with a little lovey for him.


It is much smaller than I usually make (26″ square) but I made it that way on purpose to match his brother Carver’s “bit.” Carver absolutely loves his blanket I made him for baptism and takes it everywhere he’s allowed to. I kept this one small in case Baby Brother loves his blanket too.

My sister liked the small size for the car seat. She also likes the drapey texture of garter stitch. I stuck with a simple garter stitch log cabin design with lots of color and stripes.

baby blanket lovey knit knitted log cabin scrap yarnI added an i-cord border with some loops, as you can see in my picture. Each corner has a loop with one loop bigger than the others. The small loops can be threaded on to the large loop to make a napsack. Kids love pockets, so I thought a bag would be fun too. I’m interested to see how much the stretchy garter stitch can hold.

I have another niece or nephew due soon and I am completely frozen with what to make them. I was going to gift my Chevron Stripe Granny Square blanket, but I don’t feel like it is special enough or planned for just them. When I go to plan an afghan I don’t have a good read on if they are a boy or girl, so color selection is hard. I pulled pink, yellow, and green, but I just can’t start. I think I’ll wait to meet him or her and make it a baptism gift like I did for Carver.

What do you think I should do? Any great go-to baby blanket opinions? 


3 thoughts on “Finished Knit Log Cabin Baby Blanket”

  • Great color work as usual. You have a great eye for color placement. My son received quite a few blankets, both at birth and after. We rarely used the pale pastel ones. Babies are messy! The blanket my son seemed to like best was chevrons in brown, bright orange, gold, and cream.

    • Thank you, Laurie! I always prefer bright afghans too but I think a soft white blanket for a photo op would be wonderful. But not beyond that!

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