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Finished Side Stripe Scrap Granny Baby Blanket

Finished Side Stripe Scrap Granny Baby Blanket

I’m sure your social media feeds are full of snow, so I will spare you my view. The Midwest got dumped on with wet, heavy snow Friday night and all day Saturday. It was up to Bruce’s (my yellow lab’s) belly in the backyard. I happily holed up inside and crocheted long enough to complete an 11-hour audiobook. I did take the occasional break to make food for my husband, which is the least I could do considering he did all of the plowing and pushing of said wet, heavy snow.

Last week I told you about how happy I was to find enough white yarn to finish my ABC afghan. It wasn’t enough, however, to finish both the ABC afghan and my distraction into using up the scraps. Bad news: ABC afghan remains in the WIP, although much progress made, pile. Good news: I have an adorable new blanket completely finished and learned a new square joining technique.

granny side stripe crochet baby afghan

Pattern: None

Hook: “I”

Yarn: Scraps totaling about 950 yards

Finished Size: 32″ square

diagonal view side stripe baby afghan blanket

I miscalculated the number of contrasting squares needed for my ABC blanket and was left with an extra 14. I have been intrigued by a granny square joining technique that I frequently see on Instagram user SewHappyCreativ’s feed and these presented the perfect opportunity to try it out. I absolutely loved it. It involves working the final round of granny squares in one long loopy round so there are only two ends to weave in. Two. Ends. The joins are perfectly elastic and lie nice and flat.

granny square join technique

I do not know the name of the technique but SewHappyCreativ has posted enough pictures for it to make sense if you check out their feed.

I added a couple extra straight rows on one side to square it out. Even with the extra rows and another four all the way around, it still came out to just 32″ square. I like my blankets to be 40,” but it’s not bad for a spontaneous scrap project.

I had enough white yarn left to join all of the ABC squares but not make the borders I want. Considering my chicken boot breaking point this week*, I might just go buy a couple of pounds of white yarn and quit whining already. I enjoy the challenge of using what I have, but my aesthetic really needs lots of white space.

While I ponder what to do about white yarn, I started another granny project and it just might be my brightest, most favorite yet. Here’s the color palette I assembled.

bright baby afghan blanket colors

The palette alone is so much fun. The design is great too if I do say so myself. The pieces are itty bitty and the weaving in takes almost as much as the crocheting, but it is totally worth it.

I hope you are making the most of the weather wherever you are and have a great week!

*In which a student told me about her new yellow rain boots with chickens on them and I promptly bought myself a pair from the farm store on my way home. They are perfect in every way and I have no guilt whatsoever, but my no-shopping ban is blown.

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