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Finished “Zig Zag Zoom” from 60 More Quick Baby Blankets

Finished “Zig Zag Zoom” from 60 More Quick Baby Blankets

I recently weeded out my pattern books and donated a bunch to the library. Not a single one of my “60 Quick” books from Sixth & Spring Books left my stash. I love every one in my collection and refer to them frequently for quick projects in worsted weight yarn.

This book in particular is packed with easy but interesting blankets for babies. My nephew Carver loves his garter stitch blanket I made him because it has a great drape and is so cozy. I like to keep a garter project on the needles for traveling and meetings. It is easy enough for me to work on without looking but difficult enough to keep me still in my seat. I also like how garter stitch turns out in acrylic. I usually prefer natural fibers when knitting but garter holds its shape well even in acrylic. This pattern, “Zig Zag Zoom,” was a lot of fun because of the interesting changing colors and the increases and decreases.

I used thrifted scrap acrylic, as per usual. I’m frequently asked how I find enough for a whole afghan and the answer is I never do. I choose colors that are close enough and I switch between them in stripes. Even though this blanket looks like there are only four colors there are actually several.

close up scrap worsted acrylic yarn

Here is a closeup of a white strip. You can see that I alternated between a shinier white and more matte white but it ends up looking like all the same color.

The finished size is 32″ x 42″, making it perfect for dragging around everywhere.

I intended to make this as a unisex blanket for my stash but I think it came out a little too girly. I’m not worried about finding a girl to give it to, but the baby I now have in mind is a boy. Thoughts? 

zig zag chevron baby blanket 60 quick knits


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