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FO Friday: Winter Textures Crocheted Baby Blanket

winter textures crocheted crochet baby blanket afghan plain flannel buffalo

Omigoodness this was such a fun project to make. I was working on Carver’s plaid trapper hat and wondered if the plaid pattern could work in a granny square style. Indeed it did.¬†And then I was just left with a big flannel square because I ran out of the wine yarn.

I just kept grabbing yarn and adding textures. So this blanket has no yarn or pattern to share, but I will explain each round. I highly recommend giving it (or something similar) a try! It was really addicting and used up so much scrappy yarn. I also enjoyed the spontaneity and challenge.

buffalo plaid flannel crochet granny square

The plaid center was worked with wine, red, and black yarn. I got the idea for the plaid from the same pattern as Carver’s plaid trapper hat but worked it from the center out, granny square style, instead.

crochet baby blanket afghan gray white snowball

I worked two rounds of double crochet and then did a round of alternating gray with a white popcorn stitch. I crocheted over the white yarn with the gray to carry it along. Then I did another two rounds of gray.

crochet crocheted fire granny spike

For the cozy fire I did a granny spike stitch. I did two rounds each of mustard yellow, orange, and red. Then I did a round of a traditional granny in antique teal and two rounds in brown. I never quite figured out how to increase the corners very well so I did some tucks in the brown round to make the afghan even again. It made the center a little wonky but I don’t mind.

granny square waffle stitch in the round crochet

The “long johns” layer is just a waffle stitch. I did a couple rows of evergreen, adding it with a back-post double crochet to add interest.

gray sky snowball crochet border

I finished it off with a few rounds of gray and a snowball border in white. The gray pattern is made by working two double crochets in between stitches. (Like my chevron hats) The snowball border is a puff stitch with a chain three, single crochet, chain three in between.

This took up a little more than a pound of yarn (1,337 yards) for my charity marathon. I’m not sure where I’m donating it yet but it better be an AWESOME place because I’m going to have a hard time parting with it!

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