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Free Knitting Pattern | Quick Knit Chevron Baby Hat


baby knit chevron hat

I overdid it a bit on the crochet so to give my right elbow a break I gave my left elbow a workout with some knitting. This chevron hat is one of the quick knits I came up with, and an Instagram follower commented and asked for the pattern. Here it is!

It would look great in your favorite team colors, but consider sticking with purple for your main color so you can donate to Click for Babies.

 Chevron Baby Hat
Fits baby newborn to 3 months


  • Soft acrylic yarn in a worsted weight (I most often use “I Love This Yarn” from Hobby Lobby) in purple and gray
  • Set of 5 DPNs in Size 6 (4mm) and size 7

Gauge: 4 stitches to 1 inch over stockinette stitch with size 7 needles


With smaller needles and purple, CO 64, dividing evenly between 4 needles: 16 sts per needle.

Working in the round, work K 1, P 1 rib for 8 rnds.

Change to larger size needles.

Round 1: K 1 gray, K 3 purple, around.

Round 2: K 2 gray, K 1 purple, (K 3 gray, K 1 purple) around, K 1 gray.

Round 3: Knit gray.

Round 4: Knit gray.

Round 5: K 1 purple, K 3 gray, around.

Round 6: K 2 purple, K 1 gray, (K 3 purple, K 1 gray) around, K 1 purple

Round 7: Knit purple.

Round 8: Knit purple.

Repeat rounds 1-8 once more.

Repeat rounds 1-6 once more.

Continue in purple.

Decrease Round 1: K 6, K 2 tog, around.

Round 2: K 5, K 2 tog, around.

Round 3: K 4, K 2 tog, around.

Round 4: K 3, K 2 tog, around.

Round 5: K 2, K 2 tog, around.

Round 6: K 2 tog around.

Tie off, leaving long tail. Bring tail through remaining stitches and pull tight. Weave in all ends.

You’ll have no problem finding someone to appreciate these adorable hats, but please consider making one in purple for Click for Babies! You can find a chapter in your state by visiting their website. I’ve enjoyed going to their knit-ins in my area- maybe you will too!

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