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Goals: Year 32

Goals: Year 32

kayla and mom make lefseHappy birthday to me! I turned 31 this week. It is weird to be an age I “remember” my mom being. She was 29 forever (she would joke she was 29 for the nth time) and then magically turned 36.

I sometimes go to my mom with “concerns” like when she noticed her first wrinkle or gray hair. She had five kids at my age so she can answer quite honestly that she doesn’t remember because she didn’t have time to care.

Note for future reference: I get a line from my nose to my mouth, but it is only there in the morning when I need to moisturize. I have no gray hair that I can see. Maybe the reason my mom can’t remember her wrinkles is because she doesn’t have any? I hope I got that gene. I didn’t. I look exactly like my dad, who has had a beard my entire life except one time when he had to shave it just long enough to take a firefighter test and for me to see that I look exactly like him. But I don’t know if he has wrinkles.

Perhaps I have far too much time to care about myself. Rather than feel guilty for my frivolity, I am embracing it and being one of those people who take the time to write down goals. Not only that, but I intend to stop back for monthly updates. It’s not frivolity- it’s science. Goals are more successful when they are written down and when friends know about them.

So… Goals for Year 32

  1. Send 365 pieces of mail- It’s like a gratitude journal that you share with other people. I always feel better after sending mail but I hardly make the time to do it.
  2. Be active 150 minutes per week- I weigh my heaviest ever, and while I am still technically not overweight, I am concerned about the trajectory. I quite like how I look at this size (Hello, boobs!) but the extra weight is a symptom of unhealthy habits that have accumulated. I’m not interested in a total body transformation, but I’m a friggin’ health teacher and I’ve got to practice what I teach. This is a very low bar to set- it’s the minimum recommendation of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. I’m being very generous in what I consider exercise: Ping pong with Spencer or an actual run count the same here.
  3. Do 24 non-friend social things- If there is such a thing as an extroverted introvert, I am so it. I love chatting with people, I love having a community, but not as much as I love things (even things I like!) getting canceled. This is a push to actually attend book clubs, Master Gardener meetings, vegetarian meetups, and things I want to do but chicken out when I don’t have a friend pushing me.
  4. Write 50 blog posts for Pins’s Needles– I like writing. I like looking back on posts. I like having a record of my finished projects. I can totally hack a once-a-week post, right?
  5. Knit three garments– I’m totally over making blankets for everyone else’s baby. Target gift cards all around! ‘Tis the year for selfish crafting. On tiny needles. With expensive yarn.

I’ll be checking in next month to let you know how it all is going. I appreciate all of the tips and encouragement!




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