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Handmade Hand Towels from Old Bath Towels

Handmade Hand Towels from Old Bath Towels

July 22 must be the day to ponder hand towels.

I was folding laundry and thinking all of the thoughts. We don’t have very many handtowels for the bathroom and end up using bright yellow microfiber towels, which are functional but not especially attractive.

Although I have frequently find cute vintage tea towels at thrift shops, I have yet to buy new towels from a store in my adult life.

Then, while folding, I came up with a hand towel I made from a shrunken bath towel and binding from vintage sheets. I thought to myself that although it was pretty faded, it was still in good shape. I enjoyed making them and thought I should make some more.

I knew I had blogged about it before so I headed over to Kayla K’s Thrifty Ways and discovered that I had blogged about it- seven years ago to the day.

How weird, right?

Anyhow, I didn’t end up making new hand towels. I did something else new: I threw away a towel. We have two bath towels that have torn enough to not make it all the way around anymore. I intended to add some binding but decided they were just too far gone. They went out to the garden where they will block weeds around my new fruit bushes and eventually compost down.

All of this to say:

  1. How weird is it that I was thinking of making hand towels exactly seven years from the first time I made them?
  2. How annoying (but also cool) that my handtowels made from hand-me-down bath towels seven years ago have outlasted the ones I got for my wedding five years ago?
  3. I made a tutorial for my cute towels seven years ago and it still exists on the interwebs. You can find it here.

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