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How to Calculate Yards of Yarn in Finished Project by Weight

How to Calculate Yards of Yarn in Finished Project by Weight

A challenge that I enjoy is crocheting almost exclusively with thrifted yarn. I love a $5 bag of tiny bits that I can mix and match into a beautiful (or sometimes bold) color combination.


This can be challenging to plan a project because there are no yarn labels to indicate yardage or meterage. As I do with most of my problems, I solved it with a spreadsheet.

I “shopped” online to determine the grams and yards of my most commonly used acrylic yarns.

I then made a spreadsheet that calculates the yards per gram for each of the yarns as well as an average for all of the yarns.

I added instructions to the spreadsheet to make it super simple. Just type your numbers in the green boxes and your numbers appear in the blue boxes.

This spreadsheet calculates either how many yards your project used based on its measurement in grams or how many grams of yarn you need based on how many yards are called for in the pattern.

You can view the spreadsheet here.

Here is an affiliate link to the scale that I use. The price seems to have gone up quite a bit in the five years since I purchased it. Anything that measures in grams will do.

I’m so thrilled to have this new tool handy. I hope you enjoy it too.


I had so much fun making this calculator that I have made more for my other scrappy projects.

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