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Introducing Scrap Addition Crochet Along

Introducing Scrap Addition Crochet Along

This Sunday I put a call out on social media for a name idea for my newest blanket. I loved them all, but Connie’s is my favorite: Scrap Addition. At first I thought it read scrap “addiction” which is also appropriate for me. Especially after the yarn haul Mom brought this weekend.

scrap addition yarn color selection

I loved picking out the colors. In this afghan, I describe my colors as “electric.” They need to have a little zap to them. It is completely made out of neons and the brightest brights. There is no gray, white, or other neutrals. Usually my blankets use a lot of white or a lot of one anchor color, but this one is going to be very busy.

A smart blogger would wait until an afghan is finished before sharing the pattern, but I think it would be fun to have friends work on this with me. Not that I would go so far as to call this a pattern, but I’ll share what I have. I’m using lots and lots of worsted acrylic scraps, especially variegated yarns that don’t really match anything else. To make one “plus,” make five granny square centers. Weave off and tie in ends.

With your second color, work the second round of the granny square around the centers in a join-as-you-go fashion. You can make the second round in one long swoop instead of starting and tying off five times. Here’s a diagram to help it make more sense. I hope.

join as you go granny square final round

See? Or did I just make it worse?! I saw this technique on the SewHappyCreativ Instagram feed and I just love it. I used it on my Side Stripe Scrap Granny Baby Blanket and have been designing around the technique since. I’ve searched for tutorials online but I have no idea what to call it. Have you tried it? What do you call it? How do you possibly explain it?!

Here’s the photo that inspired the join technique for me.

I’m not really planning colors. I’m using tiny bits of yarn to make the five centers and a color that touches it on the color wheel, or is a lighter or darker variation of that color, to make the “plus” sign. I try to not have any of the same colors touching and I’m trying to keep a balance of hot and cold colors.

I think this would look very nice done in a more planned manner. Maybe all red centers with black or white plusses? Incorporate lots of grays? Do it in pastel 30’s feedsack colors?

I’m going to keep working on this and will post updates whenever I have a square. Right now it’s at a 3 x 3 and I will share again when it is at a 4 x 4. This will almost certainly be another baby blanket but you will find it gets a little addictive picking the next color and seeing where it will fit, so it might end up larger.

If you join me on my crochet along comment here or use the hashtag #scrapadditioncal social media. With your permission, I’ll share your pictures in my next update.

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