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Lutheran World Relief Baby Care Kits Update

Lutheran World Relief Baby Care Kits Update

April is here and I am wrapping up this year’s goal of sending 30 baby care kits for Lutheran World Relief.

Lutheran World Relief is my favorite non-profit organization and I especially love to contribute to their quilts and kits programs. I have a heart to help people living in poverty but I despise the white savior complex. I contribute to LWR because they partner with local organizations instead of swooping in and “saving the day.” Although their work is empowered by the unconditional love of Jesus, they do not require people to be Christian to receive care. Lutheran World Relief happens to be associated with the church I call home (ELCA Lutheran, in case you were curious) but I find it to be a reputable organization anyway. Especially after my experience with Heifer International* (Grumble!)

I spend the year thrifting, garage sale-ing, and knitting for items for the layette kits. Then, about this time of year, I purchase what is left. This year I made an Amazon wishlist and asked friends for help.

Kalissa, Lacey, and Tony pulled through for me and helped me get all of the socks I needed.

I have just a few more purchases to make and I will be finished for the year. Just in time for spring garage sales and starting up on next year’s 31 layette goal.

My layettes have been helped out by this term’s lunch supervision assignment.

stretchy rib knit baby hat

My students are seriously the best-behaved kids ever. Sometimes they get a little rowdy and I stand next to them for a bit and they settle down. I literally do not even need to talk to them. I use my 30 minutes each day to knit up my Stretchy Rib Knit Baby Hats. I can knock out a little more than one each week. LWR asks that kits include a hooded sweater or a sweater with a hat. They also like kits to include items ranging in size from birth to two years. This pattern is perfect for kits because with a brim the hat can fit a newborn, but without a brim, it can stretch to fit a two-year-old.

I have been holding two strands of sport weight double for my most recent hats. I don’t even include them in Finished Project posts because they are so quick and easy to make. My blog would be reeeally boring if I made a post for every finished LWR hat.

I like the crochet process but the knit finished product. I find knitted hats to be much more stretchy and durable. Also, I can knit without looking which totally freaks out my students.

I still need diapers, hand towels, and soap if you are interested in pitching in for this year. If you are a knitter or crocheter, check out my FLWR Babies Ravelry group where I collect handmade items for the kits. The folks at LWR are great at answering my desperate questions including:

  • Can I use my leftover sock yarn to make baby socks? (YES)
  • Can items be wool or other handwash only fiber? (YES)
  • Can I make booties instead of socks? (YES)
  • Can I make bonnets instead of hats? (YES)

Great news for you crazy people who hate worsted weight acrylic. More details in the group.

Thanks again Kalissa, Lacey, and Tony!

*I wanted to get my nieces and nephews baby chicks for Easter, which is totally irresponsible but adorable. I found out that Heifer International sells adorable stuffed chicks and “a portion of profits” goes to purchase farm animals for people in poverty. So I bought my three niece/nephews (why can’t there be a non-gender plural of them?!) each a stuffed chick and 20 baby chicks to go to a family in need. A few days later I was called at 7 pm to be solicited to be a continued donor. A few days after that I received mailings from the company. After checking them out on Charity Navigator I now see that only 75% of their income goes to programs so they have a LOT of extra money to hire people to call and send me mail.

In contrast, I called Lutheran World Relief and told them I’m happy to be a monthly donor so long as they don’t contact me. And they don’t.

3 thoughts on “Lutheran World Relief Baby Care Kits Update”

  • Hi Kayla,

    I wanted to buy something off of your Amazon wishlist but didn’t see an address to have it shipped to. Am I missing it somewhere? Thanks!

    • That’s so kind of you, Kristen! I have changed the settings on my wishlist to show my address. Thank you for bringing that to my attention!

  • I love making Baby care Kits and Quilts for LWR, too! (I make the school kits, too.) Cloth diapers are the hardest thing me to get. To save money, I make them from L and XL t-shirts or from flannel sheets. I hit the thrift stores all year to find these. Like you, I made 30 kits which I donated in April. I am a member of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS). I am going to check out your FLWR Ravelry page.

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