Minimalism Game Days 1-9

I drank the Koolaid and I’m starting the year with the Minimalism Game. You can read all about it here, but the jist is that you get rid of however many items as the date. One thing on the first, two on the second, etc.

minimalism game days 1 9

Thoughts so far…

  1. I need to quit it with the vintage clothes. I never wear them and someone more fabulous than me needs the opportunity to find them at a thrift shop.
  2. Someone more fabulous than me can find my hats too. I have worn each of these hats about one time.
  3. I have a tendency to buy things because I think they would “work.” Then I never wear them. That needs to stop.
  4. Stop it with the gray sneakers already.
  5. And also stop it with the denim. I can wear jeans for less than 10% of my outfits and when I do it’s one of two pairs. No matter how cute jeans are, I have only one butt to clothe at a time.
    1. Also on this day I made the heart-wrenching yet liberating choice to get rid of my two size-check items. For my senior pictures I got a new pair of jeans and a jacket. Every fall since then I have tried them on to be sure they still fit. Even if forever striving to be your 18-year-old self was a good idea, they are both stretch denim and therefore inaccurate.
  6. Again with the jeans.
  7. Stop it with the pullovers. I have worn half of these pullovers maybe one time so I can remember why I never wear pullovers. I always am too warm and sweat too easily, so I am always in a t-shirt with maybe a cardigan or button-up over top. And 90% of the time I loose the top layer. People who wear a button-up AND a sweater will never make sense to me.
  8. SHAPEWEAR. UGH. This crap always ends up in my purse before the end of an event.
  9. I wore heels exactly one time this year and none of these were it. Even those (moderately) comfortable ones went the way of #8.

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