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Mom and Dad, I Need a Baby Crib.

Mom and Dad, I Need a Baby Crib.

I was going to try explaining this all to Mom over Messenger but it is just so much easier with words and text all together in one place where you can hit “return” as much as you want. Also, I think these ideas are pretty fabulous and you might want a baby crib too.

Spoiler alert: Crib is not for a baby.

But I think a baby crib is the best way to go about my s̶h̶i̶t̶t̶y̶  shabby chic organization and decorating of my craft room. I’m trying to do the whole thing without buying typical storage containers or organization furniture. My self-esteem is not at the level where I’m willing to share in-progress pictures and I’m not keeping photo evidence for when Spencer tries to commit me to therapy for hoarding, but rest assured my room is looking pretty fabulous.

All it needs is a baby crib.

The spring would be used for a “bulletin board” a la The Dainty Squid.

office, sweet office. 🖥✨🖤

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 She shared this bulletin board in this year’s office update and I’m just smitten. I think a crib spring would be a roughed up equivalent, right?

My plan with the slats depends on what kind of crib we find.

Ideally it’s a white chippy iron number. Then the slats are strong enough to hang from the ceiling and hang plants and baskets from it like a baker’s rack. Next best would be a spool frame. Although it’s probably not strong enough for hanging from the ceiling, it could be hung on the wall to store stuff and things.

My plan for the headboard and footboard is to sell them at retail price to the farmhouse chic chicks to pay for the parts I want to keep. That’s where my dear parents come in. Mom and Dad are awesome junker/picker/auction goers and I know they will find something fabulous.

I could do well enough, finding something decent enough for $50, perhaps. But they would be like, “We were picking up this $5 walnut dresser from the guy at the lumber yard’s father-in-law’s back shed and noticed this baby crib and the old guy’s like ‘Take the hunk of junk for free to get it off my hands. And here’s a stack of galvanized tubs filled with old paper’ which we later found was antique valentines and flash cards.” I’m paraphrasing here, but that’s pretty much how their life works.

So anyway: Baby crib. Be on the lookout.

Photo by Fleur Treurniet on Unsplash

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