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My Good-for-the-Soul Saturday

My Good-for-the-Soul Saturday

The day I lamented to my Mom that I had no time in my life to do anything worth blogging about is the day she linked over to me from her blog, Jo’s Country Junction, saying that I post regularly now. The next day she gave me enough blogging material for a whole week.

Mom and Kelli had a meeting down my way that fell through so we filled the morning with thrifting instead. On my way to meet them at my favorite shop Kelli called and gave me the address of a garage sale instead. Oh. My. Goodness was it ever the coolest sale. The man running it liked to go to auctions and the sale was all of the things he didn’t want that he had to buy to get the box of things he did want. He just wanted things gone, so the prices were dirt cheap.

My favorite finds are state plates. I have been collecting for awhile but prefer the lacey edges. I found lots of other fun things like brass angels, vintage sheets, and postcard sets. When we were checking out Kelli went to “go move the yarn.” I was confused because I hadn’t purchased any yarn. Mom had, however, and it was enough to nearly fill my car. Here’s a picture she snapped before her visit.

We did a little more thrifting but all admitted we felt a little hungover from our goldmine start to the day. I found a few vintage pillowcases and an adorable gingham dress.

No matter how much I love thrifting finds with mom, the best find of forever was finding out her PET scan came back clear after her test on Friday. We can breathe a little easier for another six months.

on the plus side baby afghan blanket crochet

After sending Kelli home, Mom came back with me. Sometimes I feel like I need to entertain guests or find something for them to do, but Mom was happy to just take care of me. It was a little disconcerting because as her blog readers know, she doesn’t ever sit. (She gets comments all of the time of “how she does it?” That’s her secret. She is constantly busy all day. If she’s sitting, she’s sick.) But we sat and sorted yarn, sat and stitched, and went for a short walk to check out the cool houses in my neighborhood. We got the groceries I need for my class next week. It was exactly the relaxing day I needed.

We ended our day with a showing of my high school’s musical before Mom headed back for the long drive home. I’m really looking forward to a day to make that trip myself. After this weekend I am more confident in my choice to drag my Master’s out another year. Yes, I would love to have it done quickly, but even another year at this courseload is impossible. Days like these with Mom and Kelli were supposed to be fun, but it ended up making me sad because I was reminded that it was a special day instead of a normal day. I want visiting my family and “wasting” a whole day thrifting to normal again.

Good news is that my monster project is due at 11:59 tonight, so ready or not, that class will be pretty much complete. One more weekend of one more final and I’m free for the month of May before Statistics starts up in June. I’m so ready to get Craftsy Unlimited and make the most of a membership.

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