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Needlecraft, June 1918

Needlecraft, June 1918


How is the year half gone and we haven’t even been celebrating the 100th birthday of the bulk of my Needlecraft collection?!

I have a few from 1916, a few from 1926, a few from the 30’s, one from the 40’s, and almost all of 1918 and 1919. Except, of course, July of 1918. So today I’m sharing June instead.

needlecraft antique vintage june 1918

On the cover is a woman in a long garter-stitch drop-waist sweater with a matching tam. The illustrations and scrollwork is delightful. If I didn’t actually read through them from time to time my Needlecrafts would make adorable seasonal art.

needlecraft june 1918 filet crochet

Filet crochet is so popular in these magazines with several patterns offered each month. Very generic directions are given if any at all. One reader in the “reader’s own” section recommends tracing over the photos with a hand-drawn grid and indicating x’s and o’s as blocks or spaces.

needlecraft june 1918 hardanger

This section on Hardanger is a treasure to me. My dear great aunt Agnes just celebrated her 100th birthday this year and was a prolific embroiderer. It’s amazing to think that this magazine came out when she was just a few months old and that her mother, my great-grandmother, would have made designs similar to these. I recently found a how-to Hardanger book at a thrift shop and once I get very good I will come back to these designs.

needlecraft june 1918 serviceable

This title gave me a chuckle. I use words like “serviceable” frequently and people think I am sarcastic. But really, what better word is there for something of both form and function?

needlecraft june 1918 requests

I love the reader’s request section- it’s always adorable. This is Ravelry circa 1918, folks. Instead of checking “Hats, Age: Baby, Skill: Easy” and getting a gazillion results you would instead inquire:

I wish for a crocheted cap for a baby one and a half years old, easy to do, yet pretty; also a hat for a girl of two and one-half years. Shall appreciate the favor.

And then wait for months for the reply.

needlecraft june 1918 becoming designs

needlecraft june 1918 summer fashion children

A pleasing variety of fashions for you fashion history nerds.

needlework magazine june 1918 handbook of crochet

I love advertisements for more needlework in needlework magazines, especially if I already have the item. I’ve been collecting antique and vintage magazines since before I had my own checkbook. Once I came to Mom with a self-addressed stamped envelope to send in for a crochet pattern to make dog plushies. All I needed was for her to write a check. She kindly explained that the company in my 1960’s Workbasket magazine¬†probably wouldn’t send me the pattern.

Leave a comment if you enjoyed this Needlecraft tour. I love having a reason to dig through the archives and would love to continue the tours if you are interested.

4 thoughts on “Needlecraft, June 1918”

  • Love this! I have a generous amount of Workbasket magazines that my great-grandmother subscribed to. My Mom doesn’t do any type of fiber arts now (she sewed a great deal when I was young) so I inherited all of them. They are so much fun to look through! Thanks for sharing these! I look forward to more!

      • I can’t wait to see what you share! I think I’m going to go look through some of mine tonight. I will check to see what years I have.

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