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Outdoor Update: May 2018

Outdoor Update: May 2018

I love reading these kinds of posts on other blogs but I wasn’t going to do one myself. I’m not very proud of where my gardens are right now and I don’t feel like I have much to show. But maybe the reason I’m feeling down is that not enough people post pictures of not-so-great gardens. 

So here goes my first outdoor update of the year. I did no extra work for this post except walking around and taking pictures. My neighbor asked if I was preparing my submission for Better Homes and Gardens. Ha! At least this way we can look forward to seeing lots of progress.

May 2018

Harvesting: Asparagus, mint, rhubarb, chives.

In Bloom: Apple trees, dogwood, vinca. The salvia, lilacs, and fruit bushes are just about to pop.

The Best Thing: Chives have been a pleasant surprise. I don’t have access to fresh herbs year round and I’m finding that I really enjoy fresh chives. They give a nice onion flavor but don’t take the prep and cook time of onions.

The Biggest Bummer: Creeping charlie. Ugh. Also a cold spring that kept me from planting the radishes and lettuce I could be eating right now. Let’s be honest though, it’s really the grad school and the high school musical that kept me inside.

Here’s my humble abode. It faces north.

may outdoor update garden tour

We have flowering dogwood, spirea, chives, and lots of hostas across the front. Vinca is a ground cover.

may outdoor update northwest garden tour

On the corner of the house is a columnar apple tree and sedum. Along the west side is asparagus and a lilac bush flanked by Aronia berries on either side. I moved one of my giant hostas to the shady corner last fall and it’s looking promising.

may outdoor update garden tour east

On the east side of my house and the corner of my garage are more columnar apple trees. I also have salvia, rudbeckia, monarda, and echinacea. The little pop bottles poking up are covering zinnias that I started from seed. I will remove them as soon as the seedlings touch the bottle, which won’t take too long. Mint is the only herb I can get to overwinter here. My thyme, oregano, and sage all didn’t make the winter.

I will be adding a marigold border here and everywhere else I can stick a marigold.

may outdoor update garden tour south

The back of my house is a horrible mess of raspberries with a lilac bush in the middle. The used to look a bit neater but I removed the trellis so I could move the raspberries to the garden.

may outdoor update vegetable garden tour

Along my garage is a collection of fruit bushes: Haskap, currant, and serviceberry. Mint that started from a little cutting now fills in most empty space. I also allow milkweed to grow wherever it wants, so this area will be pretty wild looking by the end of the summer.

My father-in-law sold his dairy cows last year and gave me the sink from his milk parlor. I plan on planting it with geraniums and nasturtiums. The geranium cuttings are in paper pots in the big plastic bin.

My actual garden has a whole lot of nothing in it. I am composting in an old cow tank but I will be phasing that out this year. I also got some rhubarb plants from a friend so I put them along the back fence.

How is your garden growing? Tell me I’m not the only one depending on perennials for some life around here. Or, if you already have radishes and lettuce, tell me all of your secrets!

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