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Packing for Retreat

Packing for Retreat

I’m getting excited for my retreat this week. I leave Wednesday morning and will thrift my way to Oelwein, Iowa where I will knit, crochet, and stitch to my heart’s content until Sunday afternoon. I’m most looking forward to hanging out with my Mom, Kelli, and Connie, but I’m wondering how many projects I’ll be able to knock out when there are no chores to do or mouths to feed.

Naturally, in order to have no chores or cooking for almost a week there is much to prepare for. I’m taking the drudgery out of my long task list by alternating it with packing for the retreat. I’m bringing a bunch of options.

Being it’s a quilt retreat I’m bringing mostly quilt options. There’s my fussy cut drunkard’s path- first conceived in July of 2015.

fussy cut floral drunkards path

I’m also bringing my Texas braid. This one is so old I remember cutting it out in my college apartment. I couldn’t find a picture on Flickr because it was started pre-smartphone, but I was almost positive I had one. I searched my old blog and came up with this gem.bonnie-hunter-texas-braid-450x321

I really need to do a better job blogging because reading old posts is hilarious.

I don’t even have this pattern anymore but I know all of the pieces are cut. I will just keep adding to the strips until I run out of pieces. My mom recently posted about Texas braids the lazy way and I will have to get over my ironing addiction and follow her advice to get this beast complete.

A much more recent project is my striped tumbling blocks quilt.

Not my quilt! Image from Purl Bee.

The only reason this one is languishing is that I only work on it as I find white and blue pinstriped shirts and I will only pay $2 or less. It’s really engaging to assemble. Purl Bee has a fantastic photo tutorial explaining how it all goes together.

Finally, I’m starting a crazy quilt. I want to make a project for each category of Fabric and Threads at the state fair and this will be my pick for surface embroidery. I chopped up a bunch of green and orange vintage sheets and have been collecting vintage rick rack and embroidery floss.

orange green crazy quilt

I had a few yards of Kona Snow that got some sort of damage like coffee was spilled or something. Anyhow, I ripped it into squares for foundation pieces. Being I have 25 of them, this quilt will finish at about 45″ square. I plan on making 9.5″ squares and embroidering individually before assembling them and hand quilting.

Let’s be honest, I will probably ditch everything and crochet instead. Or piece like, two crazy quilt blocks and spend the rest of the time embroidering. I’m bringing my Scrap Addition blanket.

green lotta from stockholm clog sandals highwood scrap addition crochet along scrapadditioncal

It’s been a while since I updated you on that. It is now almost at 8 x 8 and measures about 40″. I intended to stop there for a baby blanket size but now I’m making it bigger to fit into the throw size category at the fair. I have a different idea for a baby blanket and I don’t want the two of them to compete.

Finally, I’m bringing a doily.

majestic pineapples crochet doily

It is a pattern called Majestic Pineapples available for download on Ravelry. This picture was only taken a few days ago but it is already much larger because it is my new favorite travel project.

That should be enough to last me five days, right?

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