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Saturday at The Big Barn Vintage Market

Saturday at The Big Barn Vintage Market

It got suddenly cold and rainy in Northeast Iowa. It’s been such a long time since I’ve had a weekend full of choices of things to do, but nothing that I MUST do. I was happy for the weather to take all of the outside options off of the list. It’s been such a long time since I’ve visited my sisters, and I’m awful on the phone, so I opted to spend the day with them.

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My younger sister and my dad have opened a booth at New Generations Antique Mall in Harmony, Minnesota called My Father’s Daugther’s Vintage Market. It is a great combination of the antiques Dad likes with the “junk” and home decor Kalissa likes. Mom has gotten in on it too and has contributed vintage small wares.

This Saturday was Kalissa’s first show at Big Barn Vintage Market near Postville, Iowa. I enjoyed a long and winding drive through the Driftless region of Iowa to get from my home to the location. It involved a stop in Elkader at my mom’s favorite bakery. She insists that Mother’s Day is no big deal, but I wasn’t going to¬†not buy her favorite gingerbread cookies. She also says that we can appreciate each other any day of the year, but I know I don’t remind her enough how much I love her. It’s good to have an annual reminder.

my fathers daughters vintage market kalissa friedman

Kalissa’s booth was outdoors and I’m grateful she invested in a tent for the event. The rain held off for most of the day and it was just cold and cloudy. That didn’t stop heavy traffic and Kalissa did very well.

She’s excited about her next event- The Market at White Barns. I will be joining her on Saturday and hope to be contributing some jewelry and a few home accessories.

Kelli had a baby shower in the morning but joined us later, and Mom came out after garage sale-ing.

kayla kalissa jo kramer kelli

The traffic was a little slower in the afternoon so we could just relax and chat. It was so nice to see everyone in person and catch up. Everyone is very tolerant of graduate school, but I miss seeing my family more regularly. Living as far away as I do means it takes a whole weekend to get in a good visit.

I’ve linked to websites and Facebook pages of people and places I enjoyed this weekend. If you are a local (or would enjoy a beautiful road trip through Northeast Iowa) and make it out to White Barns, be sure to introduce yourself. It is fun to put names to faces of frequent commenters.

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