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Scrap Addition Crochet-Along Update

Scrap Addition Crochet-Along Update

I mentioned Wednesday that I’m one row late on an update for my Scrap Addition Crochet-Along. I used this project to bribe myself through a tough final that required (at least) two-page answers to several questions. After each step, I was “allowed” to add a plus to my blanket. I got it to 4 x 4 late at night and didn’t feel like waiting for daylight for a good picture to continue. So today’s update is showing it at 5 x 5.

green lotta from stockholm clog sandals highwood scrap addition crochet along scrapadditioncal

Because it’s symmetrical in every direction I just add the new row where I feel like it. I’m not sure what corner started as the top, but I’m sure it has rotated around by now. It is a lot of fun to do and hard to put down because I love picking the colors for each new plus.

The last few squares have been quite enjoyable as I’ve worked on them as I watch Pattern Drafting from Ready-to-Wear on Craftsy Unlimited and The Handmaid’s Tale instead of in between grad questions. Not that The Handmaid’s Tale is enjoyable, I would instead call it engrossing, terrifying, and addictive. Thoughts?

I have to mention my new shoes. They are highwood sandals by Lotta from Stockholm which is based in the UK. I knew shipping would take about 10 days, so when I was miserably working on finals I ordered a pair, knowing they would arrive by the time classes were over. It was great motivation to keep trucking!

I hope I haven’t been too much of a downer lately. Scratch that, I apologize for being such a downer lately. I definitely stretched myself too thin with a full grad schedule and costuming the musical. I learned from this term and will be stretching my studies out an extra year and only take one course per term instead of the two or three I’ve been doing. My initial strategy was to just work really hard for two years and get it over with, but I have been a real bear to live with and have been quite down. It’s worth it to have extra time for hobbies and good food, even if it takes a bit longer. It would be nice to actually enjoy my classes instead of just slogging through, too.

Isn’t it amazing how much just a half hour of something crafty or creative turns your whole day around? I need to keep that in mind next time I get too ambitious.

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