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Spring Gifts and Donations

Spring Gifts and Donations

Giving away my makes is my favorite part of making, but I like to have a record of where everything goes. Today’s post documents my recent gifts and donations.

My Citrus Slice Granny Square Afghan is headed to a new home. A family I care about very much is moving to a new home too, so I am sending this with them. I’m angry at the situation that has them leaving and I hope this feels like a hug from the community.lemon slice afghan baby blanket citrus slice granny

My ABC Granny Square Afghan is leaving under better circumstances. I am donating it to my school’s annual benefit. It will be a silent auction item.

scrappy granny square abc alphabet blanket

Two afghans are going with my Lutheran World Relief donation. My church is packing those up tomorrow afternoon. I finished these back before I kept very good notes.

crochet crocheted multi block blanket afghan

This is my multiblock pattern (that I have never written down) that I have made several times over. I make it whenever I accumulate enough variegated yarn. I’ve never written the pattern down, but it is pretty much blocks of double crochet divided with a ch-1 space. When I did my clinical experience in a childcare I sat with a girl who needed a friend at naptime and studied her blanket to keep from falling asleep myself.

yellow blue crochet baby blanket ripple

The second is a basic ripple. I kind of made up the pattern and will have to get it written down.

charity knit baby hat pattern free skinny rib stretchy

I’m sending several hats for the layette kits. The kits can have either hooded coats or a jacket with an accompanying hat. This is my favorite project to-go. I use my Skinny Rib Stretchy Baby Hat pattern.

Speaking of my Lutheran World Relief layettes, I grossly miscalculated how much I would need to make 30 kits. It turns out I will have only ten to donate this spring. I re-worked my spreadsheet and am off to a good (and more accurate) start for next year’s donation. If spring garage-saling goes well I may see if I can send a shipment with my church’s fall school kits.

I’m also interested in sewing more components of the kits. It will do my elbows good to vary my making up a bit because crochet can really wear me down. Do you have any good suggestions for baby sewing patterns- Sleepers, t-shirts, or jackets?

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