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The Greatest Find Ever.

The Greatest Find Ever.

Well, I’ve peaked. It’s been a great thrift life but it’s only downhill from here. There’s no way I can top this purchase ever.

I stopped by my favorite thrift shop where shoes are $.50 and boots are $1. Nicer shoes are marked up. I’ve seen Danskos for up to $20 or nice sneakers for $15. Once upon a time, I found a pair of Campus Frye boots marked at $70. They were actually too tight but I still always regretted not buying them even at that price and even too tight.

So. I’m at this shop and I had a cart full of linens and yarn and I swing by the shoe section and what did I find?

Frye boots. Campus Frye boots. The most beautiful footwear ever that I’ve always wanted but never imagined affording. Originally saddle colored but vintaged to perfection. I try them on and they feel like I’ve always worn them. I can’t even imagine my luck. I turn them over and see that they are marked to just $30!

I carry them around the store until it’s time to check out, not trusting to leave my precious in the cart. The associate looks at the bottom and can’t believe they are $30. So she goes in back to double check. I’m willing to pay more but I’m a little disappointed and hoping they don’t put them up to $70 like that long ago pair.

She comes back and points out that the $30 marker on the bottom is from Goodwill. They would never charge that much for a pair of old boots. Boots are $1.


So that’s the story of how I came to own the Greatest Boots Ever. For $1.

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Photo by Jessica Ruscello on Unsplash

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