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Tour de Thrift: LaCrosse and Back Edition

Tour de Thrift: LaCrosse and Back Edition

Good morning from the comfort of my favorite Ames coffee shop, Cafe Diem. I drove a group of girls to volleyball camp and have some downtime to enjoy my adorable alma mater (Iowa State University) town. A break is nice because I’ve done a lot of traveling already this week. Wednesday I went with Mom and Kelli to a specialist appointment about two hours from their place. I would prefer for Mom to not need appointments, but we always make the best of the long drive.

Tuesday morning I cleaned the house, got laundry on the line, and prepped a week of meals for Spencer before heading north to visit my family. Spencer’s on six tens this week and I feel bad leaving him doing cooking and cleaning after working all day while I run around the state shopping.

I stopped at two shops before making it home. I found LOTS but my favorites were a picnic basket that I filled with antique lace findings (just $.20 each!) and two afghans.

Mom had to run to Decorah for a blood draw and Kelli had to nap so she could work the overnight so Mom asked if I’d keep an eye on the childcare kids over naptime. I did, and I survived. After a few deep breaths I even enjoyed myself. Mom got home before I had to do anything too involved and I got to just hang out and be the latest attraction to the little girls. I dress like a child so it’s fun to get attention for the wardrobe that most adults find crazy. Why are you wearing high heels? Your shoes are green! There are flowers on your shirt! I love your necklace! I love your earrings! Your ears are pierced!

Mom and Dad’s usual doctor is about a half hour away but they do specialist appointments about another hour and a half past that. Wednesday morning we met up with Kelli after she worked the night shift. We squeezed in a thrift stop before the specialist appointment where I found a bassinet for my sock monkeys, lots of scrappy yarn, and a great linens selection. I also found The Greatest Find Ever but that deserves its own post, so I’ll leave that for later.

Mom blogged about her appointment so I’ll leave the details of that to her. Even though it was the most important part of the day it was also the shortest. We enjoyed lunch at Green Grass Cafe before heading back home.

I’ve always wanted to go to Uncommonplace in Hokah, Minnesota so we were happy to find it open. It’s full of great antiques and repurposed art. I had a hard time narrowing my purchase down but found even more linens, a book with 365 pages (more on that later too) and a sewing notions organizer (advent calendar plans for that… more later).

On the way back we stopped at a charity thrift shop, an amazing garage sale that turned out to be an estate sale (books and glassware were the big finds there), and another stop at the same shop from that morning for more yarn and more linens.

Mom and I have always been thrift freaks but with Mom and Dad’s antique booth in Harmony, Minnesota and my pop-up shop this September, we’ve completely lost our minds. I can’t even believe our great luck all day. Luckily Kelli had her own car to drive home because we completely ran out of space in the truck.

thrift haul lacrosse

By the time we got back home, I only got a minute to chat with Dad (and wish them a happy anniversary!) before hustling home, heading to bed, and being at school at 5:30 this morning for volleyball camp.

I’m feeling so happy from getting to see my family and finding all of the thrifts. My chai latte is almost gone and I’m off to explore the thrifts of Ames. Back when I lived here I was a much smaller size and found great name-brand clothes. I’m interested to see what’s here in my new size and what kind of linens and housewares are around now that I have a home to make homey.

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