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Wednesday’s “Trip to the Library”

Wednesday’s “Trip to the Library”

Wednesday I “had to” go to Cedar Rapids to “return my library books.” Aka, I constructed that single errand around a vintage trip.

Have you ever been to a sushi place where your food goes by on a conveyor belt and you pay by the plate? And the food is delicious but you can’t help noticing what’s going by? Well, my estate sale stop was like that. I found a couple of cute house dresses in larger sizes but a fashionable woman with a lower number than mine was stacking up armfuls of the most gorgeous vintage dresses I have ever seen. As I was checking out I asked if she was a buyer. She was, and asked if I was too. (Me? A fabulous vintage buyer? What a dream!) I took her card, congratulated her on her great finds, and said I’d be a happy customer. Check her out on Etsy: Roselein Rarities.

I was feeling a little wistful about my normal person job until I checked out her shop. I forget how much WORK it is to be self-employed. Her photography is impeccable! Her inventory is enormous! I remembered how terribly unorganized I am, how my whole house is covered in dog fur, and how much I hate photography. Once again I concluded that the job I have is the job I need.

The potholder and greeting card trades are not as competitive or lucrative as clothing (aka I’m the only weirdo), so I made out alright. I’m tickled for this pink pig potholder. And I’m pretty sure I’m stocked on Christmas cards for the next two years- if I ever share them that is.

quilted pig vintage potholder

vintage christmas ephemera

Later on, I headed to my favorite vintage shop, Found + Formed, to drop off a few items. (So maybe I’m a buyer afterall?) I managed to buy less than I sold. I couldn’t resist this embroidered top:

mexican embroidered top

It’s a little tight in the arms which is a quick fix but otherwise it fits great. It’s adorable on its own and it is almost a perfect rectangle with a head hole, although it is hard to tell on the hanger. I have wanted to try making a top for myself out of vintage linens and this is a great prototype.

sykora czech bakery

Found + Formed is in the Czech village and regretfully I couldn’t stop at my favorite bakery, Sykora. I was on a fasting diet for testing (It’s a whole thing) so sadly I had to walk by.

Other highlights of my trip “to the library” included a stop at Village Needlework in Marion. I got some thread so I can try tackling tatting and a kit to give Hardanger a try. I’m working on branching out from my chronic Blackberry Salad crocheting and want to try something new and challenging.

Oh, and, surprise: I almost forgot to stop at the library.

Now to buckle down on my finals so I can spare time this afternoon for a thrift adventure in Dubuque.

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