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Whatever Wednesday

Whatever Wednesday

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

I’ve emerged from a long hibernation of grad school overload. My nieces and nephews are suddenly four months older, it’s time to plant a garden, and I have only a month before a two-week hiking trip in the Utah desert after not exercising all semester.

Life hasn’t been happening in big blog worthy events, but little bits between everything else. Today’s post is a collection of the sunny bits among the brain fog.

Although my window boxes themselves will take an initial investment, I’ll be able to fill them for almost free. My sweet potato sprouts are doing well and will be my “spiller” and my geranium cuttings are doing well and will be my “filler.” I’m still looking for an inexpensive “thriller” piece and might just put my palm plant outside. Any ideas for something thrilling and cheap?

My treat in between graduate project segments was a “plus” on my Scrap Addition afghan. I planned to give updates whenever it was squared up, but I hit 25 late at night and didn’t feel like waiting to go on to get a good picture. My next #scrapadditioncal update will come at 36 instead.

While I crocheted I started watching Pattern Drafting From Ready-to-Wear on Craftsy Unlimited and I am anxious to get started. I would love to make tops and dresses from my linen cutter collection but don’t know quite where to start. The class is very detailed and might be increasing my confidence too much. Maybe to start I will try replicating my dad’s baptism outfit. Or a two-piece boxy top.

I just finished scrap vortex-ing with my last batch of eighth graders and I can’t believe how well it went. It’s a fun project too and is really tempting to knock out a few more “sample” blocks over my prep. It’s so hard to concentrate on work with sewing machines and scraps around, but I manage somehow. We have a few blocks to finish up, but they will be starting their pillowcases soon.

I made some time for meal preps this weekend and we really enjoyed these enchiladas. Spencer who “hates” sweet potatoes even liked them he said he noticed something sweet potato colored and squishy but couldn’t taste it. I’d consider that a win. I used green salsa canned more than a year ago and jalapenos frozen from last year so it was very economical. Doubling the recipe made enough for a 9 x 13 pan and an 8 x 8 pan to freeze.

I’m linking up to Mom’s blog for Whatever Wednesday today. She’s blogging about a cute shelf she found on her way home from visiting me a while ago. She always has the best finds and keeps a nice house full of antiques even with an in-home childcare.

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